The music was brilliant…lovely to see so many people interacting.

Margaret, sheltered housing resident, Peasedown St John

Do you always play outside?

During the pandemic we will continue to perform outside, with social distancing. When it becomes safe to do so we will also be happy to play inside. However, we have found our outdoor concerts very liberating so don’t intend to abandon them completely!

What about the weather?

We can bring our gazebo to protect ourselves and our instruments from light showers – all we need is a 3m x 3m space. Our audiences often listen in the comfort of their own homes, through open windows or doors. If the weather is absolutely awful we are always happy to reschedule.

What do you charge?

We wish to make our concerts accessible to everyone and our rates are correspondingly reasonable. Please get in touch and we can give you a quote tailored to your specific event.

Do you receive other funding or grants?

Not at present, but if you would like to fund a specific project or make a donation please get in touch.

Are you insured?

We have full public liability insurance through our membership of the Musicians Union and send all clients a copy of our risk assessment.

How far do you travel?

During the pandemic we have mostly stayed local to the South West but will always consider performing in other areas.

Do you only perform for care homes and sheltered housing?

Not at all! we love performing for care homes and sheltered housing but we also play concerts for individuals, families and friends in their gardens or outside their homes.

Can you do a Birthday concert?

Yes we can! Clients get the pick of our extensive repertoire list, their own performance of Happy Birthday and a souvenir programme to keep. We are also perfect for weddings, parties and even funerals.

Do you need amplification?

We have never needed it yet! Two violins are surprisingly loud and the sound carries well.

Can you play my favourite piece of music?

Arranging all the music we play is one of our specialities and if we can make your faourite piece or song work for two violins we will.

Where can I see or hear you?

Have a look at us on Twitter. You can find several videos of us playing and get a feel for what we do.

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